Why Choose ITIL

Why Choose ITIL for the Studies ?

  • ITIL is an MQA-Approved Training Institution, and it is the only Institution accredited to offer the NEBOSH Certificate and Diploma courses in Mauritius and the African region.
  • ITIL tutors are all Corporate Members of IOSH-UK besides being practicing professionals in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, and Industrial Hygiene.
  • ITIL has privileged contacts with local industry and can thus conveniently arrange induction visits and practical assignments in diverse factories.
  • ITIL is equipped with a wide range of monitoring and Analysis instruments used in the field of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment.
  • Our courses are moderately priced and represent less than a third of the cost of undertaking the same studies in the UK.
  • Our local tutors are fully aware of the local background of students and the local HS context, and can thus prepare students to be proficient both locally and abroad.