NEBOSH National Diploma for OSH Professionals


1.  Course Introduction
The NEBOSH National Diploma is a prestigious and demanding professional qualification for those wanting to forward their career in Occupational Health and Safety Practice. Now firmly established as the UK’s leading qualification for health and safety professionals, the NEBOSH Diploma is rapidly being recognised internationally as the standard for health and safety professionals.
This course is designed for those who want to pursue their studies in the exciting field of occupational safety and health. Holders of this prestigious qualification have a wide choice of options. They can either works as Health and Safety managers or Health and Safety Consultants or they can choose to directly enroll on a MSC course in either Law or Environment in many British Universities. Ideally, students should have passed the NEBOSH NGC.

The course deals with the following Units:
ND1 (Know – Workplace Health & Safety Principles), ND2 (Do – Controlling workplace health issues) and ND3 (Do – Controlling workplace safety issues).


2.  Professional body memberships

Successful completion of the NEBOSH Diploma qualifies for membership of IOSH (at Grad IOSH level) and the IIRSM (at Associate Membership level) subject to meeting the post-qualification experience requirements.


3.  Progression

The NEBOSH Diploma provides the perfect basis for you to progress onto an MSc. Several Universities will accept holders of the NEBOSH National Diploma onto the final year of their Masters Programmes.


4.  Entry Requirements
For the NEBOSH Diploma in OSH , the minimum requirements are either the NEBOSH Certificate or equivalent or a Degree or Diploma with relevant experience.


5.  Course Duration
The NEBOSH National Diploma in OSH, can be completed in TWO or THREE Semesters depending on the time available to students for study.

6.  Syllabus

A copy of the syllabus can be downloaded from the from the link below:



(i) Cost for local students:
The All Inclusive MQA-Approved Cost consisting of Tuition materials, tutorial sessions, NEBOSH registration and exam fees, MES fees, etc for ND1, ND2 and ND3 is Rs 200,000.00


(ii) Cost of course delivered in Rodrigues
The cost of tuition materials, tutorial sessions, NEBOSH registration and exam fees, etc. for UNIT A, UNIT B and UNIT C is Rs 200,000.00

The delivery of the programme will include 4 one-week full-time attendance courses for units A,B,C and D respectively.  This will involve an additional cost of Rs 25,000 over and above the normal fee of Rs 200,000/- to cater for Air ticket boarding & loading, etc of lecturers in Rodrigues.


(iii) Cost for International  for students for studies in Mauritius

The cost of studies for students coming from abroad (Africa, Europe, Asia, etc) inclusive of tuition materials, tutorial sessions, NEBOSH registration and exam fees, MES fees, etc works to GBP 3,800/– excluding the cost of board & lodging, insurance, travel, etc.


Financing facilities for Mauritian students
Student loans are available from many commercial banks – the loans becoming payable after completion of studies at reduced interest rates. Typically, for a loan of Rs 260,000.00, a student will pay monthly installments of Rs 5,000/- or Rs 3,500/- per month depending on the repayment time being 5 or 10 years. The advantage of this option is that you can pay the loan from income derived by working as a Safety Manager. Contact your local Bank for more details.