Professional Development Courses

Welcome to our Professional Development Courses section.  These industrial courses have been developed by practitioners in their respective fields and the knowledge acquired can be readily implementable in your organization with immediate benefits.

Course Description
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Fees (MUR)

1Inspection & Testing of Electrical Installation in Buildings3 Days12,000
2Management of Electrical Safety1 Day6,000
3Maintenance & Care of Electric Motors1 Day8,000
4Electronics for Non-Electronic Technicians1 Day8,000
5Effective Boiler Water Treatment1 Day8,000
6Practical Energy Savings1 Day8,000
7Efficient Generation & Use of Steam 1 Day1 Day8,000
8Efficient Generation & Use of Steam – 3 Day3 Days15,000
9Effective Maintenance1 Day6,000
10Efficient Use of Air Compressors & Compressed Air1 Day8,000
11Maintenance & Care of Generating Sets1 Day8,000
12Maintenance & Care of Air-Conditioners1 Day8,000
13Team Building & Leadership (In Maintenance & Production Teams)2 Days5,000
14Total Productive Maintenance1 Day8,000
15Detecting & Correcting Machinery Misalignment1 Day3,000
16Reducing Plant Downtime through PERT/CPM Techniques1 Day8,000
17Better Performance & Savings Through Proper Lubrication1 Day3,000
18Basic Measuring Skills for Technicians1 Day8,000
19Stock Control & Store management2 Days5,000
20What Technicians Should Know About Bearings 1 Day8,000
21VibrationMeasurement, Analysis & Control 1 Day3,000
22 Practical Condition Monitoring1 Day8,000
23Effective Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting 1 Day8,000
24Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting1 Week15,000
25Maintenance Management1 Week15,000
26Environmental Management1 Week15,000
27Working Safely1 Day5,000
28Managing Safely1 Day6,000
29Health and Safety Management1 Week15,000
30Boiler Technicians Course1 Week15,000
31Basic Scaffolding Inspection2 Days12,000
32Manual Handling1 Day7,000
33Risk Assessment in Practice 1 Day6,000
34Workplace Noise Risk Assessment- 3 Days3 Days18,000
35Safe Use & operation & Working At Height Equipment1 Day 8,000
36Workplace Noise Risk Assessment-1 Day1 Day8,000
37Legionella Risk Assessment1 Day9,000
38Non-Electrical to Electrical Conversion Course72 hours35,000