Maintenance & Care of Generating Sets

Maintenance and Care of Generating Sets

Target Participants: Maintenance & Production Managers, Supervisors & Foreman, Chief Electricians & Mechanics

Duration: 8-Hours

Standby generator sets can give decades of useful and economic service provided proper care is taken. Yet, this equipment is often under-utilised, wears down prematurely and becomes unreliable.

Course Contents:-
1How does a generating set work?
2Which is the ideal configuration for a generating set?
3How often should the generating set be maintained?
4Which are the various types of maintenance applicable to gensets?
5How often and how should generator sets be operated?
6What type of log book is required for a generator set?
7Which tests should regularly be performed on the set?
8How can failures be avoided?
9Can generator sets contribute to energy savings and how?