Maintenance and Care of Electric Motors (3 Days)

Target Participants:Maintenance & Production Supervisors & Foreman, Chief Electricians & Mechanics
Duration: 3 Days
About course:The reliability and quality of most production processes depend on the electric motor. It is quite possible now to virtually eliminate motor failures through simple and proven techniques. This course highlights the pertinent issues!!


Course Contents:
1.Which are the basic parts of an electric motor?
2.What is the most common electric motor in industry?
3.Which is the best way to connect an electric motor?
4.What causes a motor to fail?
5.What should you inspect when dismantling motors?
6.How often should you inspect when dismantling motors?
7.How do you monitor the performance of a motor?
8.Give the important installation considerations for electric motors
9.Slide show of good and bad practice
10.How can motors help in energy saving?