Environmental Management(5 Days)

Environmental Management

Target Participants: Health and Safety Managers, Maintenance and Production Managers and Supervisors, Members of Safety committees

Duration: 30-Hours / 1 Week

This course aims to provide the basic understanding and knowledge to participants in the field of environmental management so that they will be able to confidently identify and assess any environmental problems and recommend appropriate corrective action.

Course Contents:-
1 Environmental risks
2 Solid wastes
3 Liquid Wastes
4 Gaseous & Particulate Emissions
5 Water Pollution
6 Noise
7 Hazardous substances
8 Land use and natural environment
9 Legal Frameworks
10 Environmental Legislative framework
11 EPA of 2002
12 Enforcement of environment law
13 Access to Environmental Information
14 Developments in environmental legislation
15 Civil Liability
16 Management of Environmental Risk
17 Principles of Environmental
18 Assessment of Environmental risks
19 Control strategies for environmental risks
20 Environmental Risk Evaluation
21 Control Strategies for Environmental Risk