Efficient Generation and Use of Steam(1 Day)

Efficient Generation and Use of steam – 1 Day

Target Participants: Production & Maintenance Managers, Supervisors & Technicians

Duration: 8 Hour

A properly operated Boiler not only allows appreciable savings in fuel costs, but it also contributes significantly towards increasing production volumes. This course will directly deal with the efficiency, safety and productivity aspects of boilers.

A more advanced 3 day version of this course is also available.

Course Contents:-
1What advantages does steam have as a process fluid?
2How do you monitor fuel combustion efficiency?
3Which factors bring the gross efficiency of most boilers to less than 40%?
4How do you assess the effectiveness of your water treatment program?
5How much condensate are you recuperating?
6Are you using the right Boiler Operation Log-sheet?
7Does your steam pipework meet the standard?
8What is the potential for recuperation of flash steam?
9Which factors aggravate the problems of air pollution?
10Is it really necessary to shift to gas for cleaner steam generation?