Total Production Maintenance

Target Participants: Production & Maintenance Managers & Supervisors, HR Managers

Duration: 8-Hours

TPM enables factories to significantly enhance their production levels, reduce their manufacturing expenses by as much as 30%, reduce defects by as much as 90% without major investment in additional machinery. It provides a powerful approach to optimise the important 3-M resources: men, machine and materials. Yet, few companies are practicing TPM.

Course Contents:-
1 What is TPM?
2 What are the prerequisites for TPM?
3 Why do TPM programmes sometimes not give expected results?
4 Which are the inevitable training programmes under the TPM scheme?
5 How long does TPM take to give results?
6 How should a TPM programme start?
7 How should be involved in the programme?
8 What is the improvement potential of TPM for your company?