Effective Fire Prevention&Fire-fighthing

Effective Fire Prevention

Target Audience: Practicing Safety Managers, Production & Maintenance personnel

Duration: 8 Hour

There are indeed many small initiatives (requiring practically no investment) which you can take to eliminate the risks for such incidents to occur. This workshop describes in details the various initiatives which need to be taken and the methods of implementation of these measures.

Course Contents
1The triangle of fire, Knowing and identifying the 5 classes of fire Examples to illustrate above
2How fires start, and what causes them to spread and to grow big
3Principles of fire fighting
4Types of fire extinguishers, rating of fire extinguishers, sizing of potential fires
5Proof that your Fire Clearance Certificates are inadequate
6Choice and siting of fire extinguishers
7Fire Detection systems, Fire Alarm systems, Automatic Fire Extinguishing system
8Hydrants, hose reels and sprinkler systems
9Fire retardant products and designs
10Fire fighting skills
11Maintaining and servicing the Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting installation
12The many components of a proper fire Drill
13Fire Safety Audit – check list