Workplace Noise Risk Assessment – 1 Day


As from the 9 May 2013, it becomes MANDATORY for employers to take series of measures to ensure that their employees are not exposed to noise levels which may affect their health. The measures are qualified by the term “SUITABLE and SUFFICIENT”, and therefore have to meet the requirements of recognized standards.
This course is designed to enable Management to be better aware of what is expected from them under the newly introduced Noise at Work Regulations and to determine whether they have done what is required from them to avoid enforcement actions from the problems the scope and details of each and every adopted measure to satisfy the Authorities.
1. Basic Concept of Noise
2. Ill-health effects of Noise
3. Legislation on Noise ( Acts, Regulations, ACOPS, guidances)
4.Which Parameters to measure, and how measured
5. Types of Noise meters for measurement
6. Suitable and Sufficient Noise Risk Assessment
7. Noise Reduction and Risk Control measures
8. Mock Court Case

Target Participants: Managers (HS, Production, HR), Supervisors, Representatives of HS Committees

Duration: 6.5 hours
Fee: Rs. 8, 000