Legionnaire’s disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia, which can affect anybody who inhales legionella bacteria present in contaminated water droplets.

Legionella bacteria is widespread in nature, and it can proliferate at astounding rate under the particularly unfavourable conditions. The risks are quite real in establishments such as hotels, guest houses, tourist villas apartment blocks, office blocks, etc.

There is now legal obligation to control Legionella outbreak. It is pertinent to note that research in Europe has revealed that out of the 300,000 persons suffering from pneumonia in UK, 9,000 were in fact Legionella victims, and more than 5,000 were nationals who returned from abroad – which means that if we really want to avoid possible compensation claims from tourists, we have to carry out a comprehensive Legionella risk assessment.

This course is delivered by a Certified Legionella Risk Assessor, who is a Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner, Fellow of IIRSM, a Chartered Engineer – Fellow of IMECHE and a Chartered Environmentalist.

The course will cover the following:

> A better understanding of Legionella, its effect on people, symptoms, and prevention

> The whole list of required documents, procedures, etc

> The whole set of information, instructions to provide

>The many monitoring routines, tests and checks to implement

> Maintenance practices

> Health surveillance aspects

> The whole list of control measures to have in place


TARGET AUDIENCE: Health & Safety Officers, Maintenance Managers, Supervisors, Health & Safety Committee Members, etc.

Participation Cost: Rs 9,000 per person (MQA-Approved)