Team Building and Leadership

Team Building and Leadership

Target Participants: Production & Maintenance Managers & Supervisors, HR Managers

Duration: 8 Hours

It is a fact that lack of properly trained staff in both the Maintenance and Production fields leads to a lot of antagonistic feelings and distinct/disrespect between teams from these 2 departments.

It is however quite possible using the right mechanisms, exercises and approaches to build strong teams which can together lead towards enhanced performance. This course focuses on team building amongst shop floor workers.

Course Contents:-
1 Team Dynamics
2 Blockages to affective team work
3 Roles of Individuals in teams
4 Motivate people to higher performance
5 Information storing and communication
6 Stages of team building
7 Leadership traits
8 Styles of leadership
9 Action-centered Leadership
10 Team Role
11 Adoption of appropriate training methodology
12 Formulation of course coverage with reference to desired objectives
Decision making and problem solving
13 Changing values and management styles