Workplace Noise Risk Assessment(3 days)

Workplace Noise Risk Assessment in Practice – 3 days

The Noise at Work Regulations will become effective as from 9 May 2013. This piece of legislation places a series of specific responsibilities on the shoulders of Employers to ensure that they comply with the various requirements, which include appropriate noise measurements, proper assessment of the measurements obtained, appropriate noise control procedures, adoption of suitable noise reduction techniques, health surveillance, etc.
Above all, Employers should conduct a Suitable and Sufficient Noise Risk Assessment which may come under scrutiny in court if any victim decides to fight his hearing loss case.
It is therefore important that employers should ensure that the noise problem is tackled in a competent and comprehensive manner and this course is designed to provide the skills and techniques that precisely deal with noise issues. Examples from a wide range of occupational environments will be used, and candidates will be given adequate hands-on exercises during this training program.

Day 1
1. Basic Concept of Noise
2. Ill-health effects of Noise
3. Legislation on Noise ( Acts, Regulations, ACOPS, guidance documents)
4.Which Parameters to measure, and how measured
5. Types of Noise meters for measurement
6. Suitable and Sufficient Noise Risk Assessment
7. Noise Reduction and Risk Control measures
Day 2
1. Detailed Concepts of Noise (Frequency, Level), dB(A), dB(C), Leq, Noise Dosage, Octave Band Analysis
2.  Noise Level calculations, Use of Nomograms, Noise Levels from various equipment
3. Using various Types of Sound Level meters, Usage and calibration
4. Hearing and its protection, Anatomy of the ear, Audiometry,
5. Various Personal Hearing Protection, advantages and disadvantages
6. Noise reduction techniques, Simple and standard methods of noise attenuation
7. Measuring effectiveness of noise control action
Day 3
1.  Procedure and conduct of Noise surveys,
2. Use of Checklists
3. Content of Noise report
4. Noise survey in practice
10. Noise Risk Assessment reports
11. Mock Court case

Target Participants: Managers (HS, Production, HR), Supervisors, Representatives of HS Committees

Duration: 3 Days
Cost: Rs18,000/-

Those interested to find out more about the types of problems they may be called upon to solve as a competent person may click on the link below:

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