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Essentials for Effective

VENUE             : Integral Training Institute Ltd, 21, Lees Street, Curepipe
DATE                : October 25, 2019 – TIME:  14.00 – 16.00hrs
Fee                    : Free

Why is this presentation useful for you??

It is a fact that for optimum performance in the management of health and safety, not only should the HS Manager possess all the required multi-disciplinary skills (not so common) but also he should be supported by management and by many assistants (members of HS committees, etc).

This fact is, however, often ignored, and this presentation will remind us of the various important initiatives to take to increase the effectiveness of managing the HS function.

You have certainly to know for sure what remains to be done within your organisation to achieve world standards in this important field.

Interested participants are invited to email their confirmation on by latest October 21, 2019.

Note that seats will be allocated on first come basis.

Light refreshment will be served to participants during the workshop.

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