Technician Certificate in Engineering (2565 – 01)


There are three levels of awards in this programme, namely

a. The Certificate Award – (Level 2) reference 2565 – 01

b. The Diploma Award – (Level 3) reference 2565 – 02

c. The Advanced Diploma Award – (Level 5) – reference 2565 – 03

For each award, City & Guilds provide both the THEORY option and the APPLIED options. However, we are offering only the APPLIED options.

Furthermore, there is also the option of doing additional subjects, in which the appellation of the qualification will change accordingly.


A. Technician Certificate in Engineering (Level 2) 2565 – 01

The basic Technician Certificate in Engineering consists of one compulsory Unit entitled Engineering Fundamentals and ONE of either three available UNITS, namely Mechanical Engineering or Electrical and Electronic Engineering or Mechanical and Electrical and Electronic EngineeringThe cost will vary according to the number of UNITS chosen.


Available qualifications within the Technician Certificate Programme:

1. Technician Certificate in Applied Mechanical Engineering [Cost Rs 60,000]

TWO exams to be taken – Engineering Fundamentals 1 and Mechanical Technology plus 9 practical assignments

2. Technician Certificate in Applied Electrical and Electronic Engineering [Cost Rs 60,000]

Two written exams to be taken – Engineering Fundamentals 1 and Electrical and Electronic Applications plus 11 Practical Assignments

3.Technician Certificate in Applied Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Engineering [Cost Rs 80,000]

Three exams to be taken – Engineering Fundamentals 1, Mechanical Technology, and Electrical and Electronic Applications plus 12 practical assignments.


Course Duration:

Part time basis: One year, three evenings per week

Full time basis: 6 months, 5 Half days per week



For part time students, payment can be made either in 10 equal monthly instalments or if paid in bulk before start of the course, a discount of 5% is obtainable on the total amount.


All the above fees include enrolment fee, tuition fees and course handouts but excludes the examination fees charged separately. They also do not include Late Entry fee, Enquiries About Results fee, Appeal Fee.