Fire Fighting

Target Participants: Members of the Health and Safety Committee, Potential fire wardens and team of fire fighters, Security guards and watchmen, Supervisors, members of the maintenance team.

This course aims to provide the basic knowledge and skills to participants to enable them to become proactive and proficient members of the fire prevention and fire fighting team, and to maintain the highest standards of fire safety in the factory.

Course Contents:-
1 Triangle of fire
2 Classes of fire
3 How fire starts & spreads
4 Major Fires
5 Fire Detection & Alarm System
6 Building Construction with fire safety in mind
7 Organised set up for fire prevention
8 Fire Precautions Manual
9 Audits and Checklists
10 Emergency Communication System
11 Principles of Fire Fighting
12 Fire Extinguishers
13 Refilling Extinguishers
14 Other features of Extinguishers
15 Automatic Extinguishing Systems
16 Hose Reel Systems
17 Hydrant System
18 Sprinkler Systems
19 Other Fire Fighting products
20 Field Testing of Smoke Detectors
21 First Aid for fire fighters