In all organisations where electrical works are regularly carried out, whether at installations phase, or during extension or repair activities, it is of prime importance to ensure that such works are carried out by trained and competent electricians, who should regularly inspect and test the installation’s compliance with prevailing standards.

Records of the results of some 14 specific tests must be kept readily available to attest such compliance.

In this course, we shall provide both the theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills to carry out the testing so that the tests can be carried out in-house by your own electricians.

There is generous use of worked examples, illustrations, calculations, hands-on practice, and self assessment exercises.

Course Contents:

1. Common electrical faults leading to fire, breakdowns, energy wastages and downtime.

2. The 5 visual inspections

3. The 9 electrical tests

4. Relevance and importance of each test

5. Analysis of results obtained

6. Essential calculations to reconcile values obtained

7. How to carry out each test

8. Proper instruments for each test

9. Slide show of good and bad practice

10. Essentials of circuit design, choice of switchgear, Earthing, Cable management and Protection

11. Legal implications and case studies

12. Safety for electrical installations

 DELIVERY MODE: 2 modes available

Attendance: Date: 30 June, 1&2 July 2015

Blended Learning (Attendance + Distance learning):

  • 2 half days attendance
  • 16 hrs Distance &  e-learning – student studying at their own pace to complete and submit by mail several assignments given to them

TARGET AUDIENCE: Chief Electricians, Technical Staff, Maintenance Officers

Duration: 3 Days