NEBOSH National General Certificate for SC & HSC Students

Exceptional opportunity in December for SC & HSC Students ONLY

 The NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health is  a qualification held by more than 100,000 persons in the UK. It allows holders not only to practice as health and safety advisors in the UK but is also a good introduction for those wishing to undertake a professional qualification in health and safety. More than 65% of British employers look for this qualification when recruiting health and safety resource persons on part time basis.

 Start Date: 1 Dec 2017

Last date for application: 27 Nov 2017

Special Incentive: 50% discountonly for SC & HSC students


 Here are 10 good reasons why you should take this course!

1. You will earn a prestigious British Qualification while studying in Mauritius at a quarter of the cost of studying for same in UK.

2. We are the only local Training Institution duly accredited by NEBOSH to offer this course, which is also accredited by MQA,

3. This course is a Vocational course, dealing with the essentials of health and safety management which will enable to contribute positively to solve HS problems.

4. It is by far the most popular and prestigious Award course in HS in the UK, with more than 100,000 persons holding the qualification.

5. This course is prepared, delivered and marked by Chartered Professionals in the field, which is why the qualification is held in high esteem.

6. The course is modular ( in 3 parts), namely

(i) Management of Health and Safety (9 days including revision and exam)

(ii)Controlling Workplace Hazards ( 2 weeks including revision and exam)

(iii) Practical Assignment (2 days including tuition and exam),

and may be taken on modular basis or as a whole

7. Holders of this qualification may work on part time basis during their studies in UK, where there is a demand for resource persons in this field

8. The Vocational route offers the fastest and most affordable solution towards professional status in health and safety compared to the conventional route (HSC, BSc) in terms of time and money.

9.We have a successful 14-year track record in offering this qualification in Mauritius.

10. You will be able to enjoy a VERY SUBSTANTIAL discount applicable only to students who have just taken completed their SC or HSC exams.


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Closing date for application: Saturday 25 Nov 2017







Monday 04 December 2017Monday 18 December 2017Saturday 30 December, 2017
Wednesday 06 December, 2017Wednesday 20 December, 2017 
Friday 08 December, 2017Friday 22 December, 2017 
Saturday 9 December, 2017 (TEST)Saturday 23 December, 2017 (TEST) 
Monday 11 December, 2017Monday 25 December, 2017 
Wednesday 13 December, 2017Wednesday 27 December, 2017 
Friday 15 December, 2017Thursday 28 December, 2017 (TEST) 
Saturday 15 December, 2017 (TEST)Friday 29 December, 2017 




Courses will start at 9.00hrs and will finish at 16.00hrs


Exams will be scheduled in the third week of January 2018