Prestige of NEBOSH

  • Established since 1988 and now the most widely recognised academic health and safety qualification in the UK, the benchmark against which other qualifications are compared
  • The broad ranging syllabus, combining legal, risk, and management issues, adds to the intellectual capital of the individual and the firm which helps increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and generate competitive advantage
  • Core academic qualification enabling the holder to use the letters CMIOSH after their name following two years experience and a professional peer review by IOSH
  • ully comprehensive and transferable between companies and industries, enhancing the potential for career progression
  • Empowers individuals and firms to make well informed decisions in response to health and safety problems thus saving time and money
  • Extensive in-house knowledge will not only save time and money on consultants and lawyers, but also help to prevent costly incidents occurring through pre-emptive action and planning
  • In-depth coverage of not only related law but also of the legal system, enables the individual to drive the organization forward and avoid litigation
  • Emphasizes the application of skills in the workplace through the use of various practical sessions preparing delegates to effect change in the future
  • The course enables delegates to identify and assess risk factors, to introduce and manage necessary control measures and to operate in line with current legislation and HSE guidance, which is pro-active and goal setting, rather than rule following. The syllabus comprises the common core of transferable knowledge that underpins competent performance as a health and safety professional.

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose NEBOSH:

1) It is a multi-disciplinary field, where you study management, law, engineering, psychology, health care, a little bit of engineering and medicine. As a career, you will be called upon to interact with professionals from many fields.

2) The recent passing of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2005 has opened vast prospects for employment of Health and Safety Officers and Advisers. Indeed, all places of work employing more than 50 persons (whether private, para-statal or governmental organizations) are now under an obligation to obtain the services of persons qualified in HS. There are presently not enough persons holding appropriate qualifications in this field.

3) The NEBOSH Level 6 Diploma in OSH is recognised internationally (in UK, Europe, Australia, etc) and even locally (Approved by TEC and meeting the schedule of courses as per OSHA 2005) ,thus provides high employability everywhere.

Click on this link for TEC approval letter

4) The NEBOSH Diploma is pitched at Level 6 in the UK National Qualifications Framework of UK – which means that it is equivalent to a BSc Hons Degree.

5) Two years of post-diploma practice will enable you to become a Chartered Safety Practitioner of IOSH UK – a most prestigious class of professional membership in EUROPE.