NGC Reasons why this course is a MUST.



Reasons why this course is a MUST.

1. Success in HS management will be limited if we rely solely on the HS officer. He needs to be adequately supported by a team of colleagues, managers and HS Representatives.

This course gives a strong exposure to persons having a say in health and safety matters.


2. How is our HS system in Mauritius different from that in UK.

It must be said that the liabilities on Employers are nearly the same apart from the legal sanctions (fines, penalties) and quality of enforcement. What makes compliance easier in UK is that the basic act is supported by a range of Regulations, Codes of Practice and guidance documents which clarify the responsibilities of the employer. This support is not quite present here – however, ignorance of the legal implications is not an excuse.

Employers are well advised to be alerted on what the law requires of them! This issue is adequately covered in our training course.


3. Health & Safety Legislation has been evolving very rapidly in UK and Europe and health and safety training in these countries are based on these modern legislation. Unfortunately, the majority of HS officers in Mauritius have followed local courses based on OSHWA 1988 and OSHA 2005 which have evolved only partially.

Following our courses will give you the opportunity to update yourselves in all aspects of modern HS Management.


4. Launching Price

The normal MQA approved price of the NGC course is Rs 60, 000.


5. Our HS Audits within a few industries have revealed that many Health and Safety Officers are failing to deliver the specialist services to support management in effective Health & Safety management. Eg HS policies are inadequate and incomplete. Risk Assessments do not satisfy the criteria of “Suitable &Sufficient”, Loss Data (injuries, sickness Absence) are not managed properly, etc.

This course will make it clear to everybody (HR manager, Production managers, HS Representatives and even the HS Officers) as to what should be done – and how they should be done.