Preparatory Course for Certified Energy Manager or Auditor Examinations

Target Participants: Maintenance managers, Technicians, Supervisors and Engineers

Duration: 3 Months Part Time


The preparatory course for Certified Energy Manager or Auditor Examination is designed to prepare candidates to take any international certification examination (India, USA or Canada) as a Certified Energy Manager or Auditor. The aim of the course is provide candidates the skills and knowledge necessary to receive the Certified Energy Manager or Auditor credential.

This course is intended for individuals seeking positions in the energy management field as it demonstrates to potential employers that the individual has an in-depth knowledge of the laws, standards, common practices, and concerns associated with energy management.

This course develops the individual’s knowledge of general energy topics such as energy codes and standards, indoor air quality, energy accounting, energy economics, energy audits, and energy instrumentation. It also examines the individual’s knowledge of a variety of specialized topics related to energy management.

Course Contents:-
1 Alternative financing
2 Boiler and steam systems
3 Building automation and control systems
4 Building envelope
5 Cogeneration and CHP systems
6 Electrical systems
7 Energy procurement
8 Green buildings
9 HVAC systems
10 Industrial systems
11 Lighting systems
12 Maintenance and commissioning
13 Motors and drives
14 Thermal energy storage systems